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wicker repair & prewoven cane: how to pamphlet
Product Code: BWR
wicker repair & prewoven cane: how to pamphlet

wicker repair and maintenance & prewoven cane instructions
By K C Parkinson. instructions and help on how to repair and maintain wicker furniture. Chapters on identification of materials, braiding, wrapping, repairing broken weaves, broken spokes, maintenance, cleaning, stripping, and refinishing. These instructions have helped many re-weave and repair their wicker, a nice guide to assist you.
PREWOVEN INSTRUCTIONS- how to successfully replace your cane with cane webbing. 
Section on use of spline chisels.
Explains thru great drawings wicker repair, explaining weaving supplies, and caning supplies, using chair webbing for the wicker repair. The chair caning supplies and the chair caning instructions use cane webbing. This type of chair, rocker or wicker furniture repair explains wicker supplies. This type of chair caning or chair cane repair uses prewoven weaving materials a woven cane or cane webbing. The booklet helps you in  restoring cane furniture, cane seat repair, and restoring wicker furniture.
8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

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