chair cane: narrow medium cane, one hank for hand caning

chair cane, narrow medium cane
To be used on chairs that have holes drilled through the frame. A hank of long select narrow medium chair cane, without the binder cane. narrow medium cane is 2.75 mm in width. The chair hole size should be 1/4", and the distance from center of hole to center of hole should be 5/8". This will re-weave three to four average chair seats.
Approximately 1,000 feet.

traditional chair caning supplies or weaving materials for hand caning chair seat weaving. chair caning, for chair cane repair.  Cane weaving materials for chair seat weaving-  cane furniture repair and cane repair. These chair caning materials are used to restoring cane furniture and chair seat repair,  great seat weaving supplies!

Product Code: NM