genuine rush weaving: how to pamphlet

genuine rush weaving
Taken from  CHAPTER III — GENUINE RUSH WEAVING, from Chair Seat Weaving for Antique Chairs "the big book" by Marion Burr Sober. The Chair and Its Preparation for Rushing, To Set Up Shop, Tools and Materials, Attitude, Harvesting and Curing the Rush, Preparation of the Rush for Weaving, STEP I Filling in the Corners, STEP II Four Post Weaving, STEP III Center Figure 8 Weaving, Joining a New Rush, Checkpoint, Custom Fitting, Stuffing and Firming, Stopping and Starting Weaving, Happy Ending, Finish, Notes. Marion's instructions have helped hundreds of thousands to do their first chair. Natural rush is a challange. 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

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